Since its November 2017 release, the Pixel 2 XL has been one of the most sought-after android phones in the market. Suffice to say, it met the high expectations surrounding its release. But when you take a closer look at it, you realize that like everything is, it isn’t perfect.

Let’s take a look at its great features and the not-so-great ones.


  • Camera
    If there’s one thing that stands out about the Pixel 2 XL, it has to be its cameras – that explains why everyone seems to agree that it has great picture quality. They capture amazing pictures, and are built with artificial intelligence. These cameras are unarguably among the best in mobile phones.
  • Strong battery
    When you do so much with your phone, it’s important that its batteries are strong for the task. On an average, the phone can last you a whole day after a full charge. In comparison, its battery is much stronger than that of its predecessor.
  • Design
    The phone has just the right length and width to give you a good screen display without feeling too heavy in your hands at 175g. Its aluminium rough body texture makes it feel good in the hands and doesn’t allow finger prints to linger on it. It also has front stereo speakers for a great sound.


  • Blue shift
    When you take a look at the phone screen from certain angles, your eyes are greeted by a blue tint. At first, you get the impression that it’s a malfunction until you find out that’s how it’s built. If you are conversant with phones, you’d know that this is a common feature of most OLEDs, but for such an expensive phone, one would expect Google to find a way around it. It’s even more worrisome that the blue tint is worse than that of most OLEDs.
  • Ghosting
    Ghosting occurs when the pixels have to make a transition from black screen to another colour. This isn’t noticeable unless you are making use of the phone in the dark, and the brightness display is very low. This deficiency is as a result of its AMOLED screen, and has nothing to do with the phone itself.
  • Fingerprint sensor
    The phone has an inbuilt fingerprint sensor. That’s supposed to be a great feature but the thing is, sometimes, it doesn’t recognise your finger print. The idea behind fingerprint sensors is to make a device inaccessible to intruder, not to their owners.

In general, this can be said to be Google’s best phone yet. It looks very good on the eyes, and has features that complement its looks. But for a phone so pricey, there’s no excuse for any malfunctions.