Can you really store every accessory you need in a book? Let’s find out…

iPads are simple. It’s one of the biggest reasons they’re successful. But if you’re travelling around with your iPad, it’s rare that it’s the only thing you’ll carry. Whether it’s a charger, a pair of headphones, another accessory like a stylus or simply some cables, it’s likely you’ll need an extra bag or large pockets to carry everything you need, right?

Not any more. With the latest version of its BookBook series, Twelve South has created a case that should handle all of your extra peripherals while safely housing your iPad. And, with so many pouches and straps, you can use it for a lot more besides. The iPad slot will manage any type of iPad easily; we tried the third and fourth generation iPad, as well as the iPad mini and iPad Air, and all fitted comfortably.

The earlier iPads are, as you may expect, a little more of a snug fit, but we weren’t at all nervous about the newer models moving around; the pocket is lined with a soft fur-like material, which keeps the screen safe. That said, we would’ve liked thicker padding around the pocket for extra protection from bumps. Elsewhere, you’ll find pockets and straps everywhere. The left ‘page’ of the BookBook features three elasticated slots that we found were perfect for cables, headphones and even things like a Mac’s Magic Mouse. There’s also a pocket that seals with Velcro that’s the ideal size for an iPhone, or for other, more delicate devices. On the opposite side are various straps for safely holding cables, chargers and even larger, on-ear headphones. One thing we absolutely love about the BookBook Travel Journal is the build quality.

The leather outer cover feels fantastically solid and – this might sound strange – smells lovely. It’s clearly been made with the very best materials. The only downside is that the Travel Journal is really quite bulky, and when we packed something like a Mac’s power brick and cable into it we struggled to fit much else into its pockets. The rigid shape can limit what fits at times.

Still, if you’re looking for a stylish solution that may be overlooked if you’re ever unlucky enough to be robbed, this is an expensive, but beautifully designed option.
Buy now?

Pros – Well built, beautifully designed and very adaptable
Cons – A little bulky, with limited space and quite expensive

Key features

Suitable for any iPad
Weighs 453g
Old-school book design

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