Xiaomi is the youngest company on Fortune Global 500 List for 2019. Xiaomi is mainly known for its quality, but affordable smartphones. Its first smartphone was released in August 2011 and rapidly gained market share in China first and India next. Xiaomi later developed a wider range of consumer electronics, including a smart home (IoT) device ecosystem. Recently entered into micromobility with its line of electric scooters.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro is very similar to the previous model, especially aesthetically it remains unchanged. But M365 Pro is bigger in all. Higher the platform where you will rest your feet. Higher the handlebar and wider too. The whole thing is heavier, with a total of 14.2 kg, almost two kilos more than the previous model.

The main reason for this is the larger battery, inserted under the floor. The autonomy is in fact significantly increased compared to the previous model. The maneuverability is not too affected by these changes. A 300W motor propels the e-scooter to a max speed of 25km/h. The high capacity battery allows a maximum travel range of up to 28 miles under specific conditions.

Always present it’s the Dual-Brake System with a rear disc brake and the front E-ABS mechanism, which prevents the wheel from locking. The rear wheel uses mechanical disk brake which can achieve efficient braking fast response, with braking distance as short as 4 meters, making your riding much safer. Regenerative braking, the energy recovery mechanism that slows a vehicle or object by converting its kinetic energy into a form that can be either used immediately or stored until needed, whose intensity is adjustable on 3 levels through the Xiaomi Home app, is present too to improve autonomy.

The bell is definitely more effective, it gets hit in a more incisive and audible way. The stand is now a little more inclined. And this is good since before it was too vertical and the scooter almost risked overturning on the opposite side.

The real novelty is likely the addition of a color display, with which you will always see the charge level, the current speed and the set driving mode (eco, standard and sport). It is not essential, but it is certainly beautiful to look at and gives a pleasant touch of modernity. Here you can see the level of charge and that’s a good thing given that the speed is at most 25 km/h and you can go far.

The folding design allows to fold your scooter easily to conveniently store and hand carry. But the same somehow ineffective and long-lived closing mechanism remains. To fold the scooter and fix it in position you will have to rely on a rubber pin placed on the rear mudguard, probably one of its most fragile elements. Here you will have to insert a hook in the bell. It is a smart mechanism on the one hand, because it does not complicate the structure of the scooter itself, but unfortunately not far-sighted, because it is subject to easy wear. Both the pin on the back and the hook on the handlebar are subjected to great stress when you lift the scooter, which is now even heavier than before. The seal over time is therefore not guaranteed, the more the more you fold and raise the scooter.

The scooter is made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy as the main load-bearing material, with a lower density, but higher strength characteristics. It has excellent thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. The IP54 certification remains, for protection from dust and water sprays, but I would have liked something more resistant to water. Considering also the greater autonomy, now you can go further with this Mi Electric Scooter Pro, but the risk of finding yourself unable to move due to water and puddles formed in the meantime is not indifferent. And if your city “floods” at the slightest downpour, you know what I mean.

Like many Xiaomi devices, the Mi Electric Scooter Pro also uses the Xiaomi Home app. Through this you can view the charge level, the current speed, the miles traveled and above all it is the only way to activate / deactivate the cruise control. Activating it, if you stay at a constant speed for more than 5 seconds, Mi Electric Scooter Pro will continue to maintain it automatically without having to hold down the accelerator. The cruise control is deactivated only when the brake or accelerator is pressed.

Through the app, it is also possible to adjust the regeneration level of the braking. High, medium or low, with consequent greater benefits for the battery, but with a greater engine braking based on the intensity of the regeneration.


Mi Electric Scooter Pro is definitely a good scooter. It is manageable, solid, with a very strong acceleration (in sport mode), and a good braking system. It drives well in short, does not require great practice, and is basically suitable for everyone. And yes this applied to the previous model too. But I particularly appreciated two aspects of the new M365 Pro. Above all the greater autonomy. 28 miles declared by Xiaomi, maybe a little less in actual use, variable according to various conditions – driving mode, weight of the user (the maximum capacity remains 100 kg), regeneration of the braking.

And then there’s more power, and you can hear it. Depending on the type of terrain, you could also drift off a little with the front (in sport mode). And tackling most urban climbs will not be a problem, even with little chase. With 300W nominal and 600W peak, Mi Scooter Pro has the power necessary to push you up slopes of up to 12°.

Always good braking, like the first model. You can brake all the way without fear, sure that you won’t nail or swerve. Also because you won’t be launched to some kind of crazy speed.

The display adds an extra touch and above all allows you to have the status of the vehicle under control, and to limit its speed.

The long floor generally makes driving more comfortable compared to shorter scooters, but pay attention to the asphalt. There is in fact no cushioning, if not that offered by the wheels (which is fair enough by the way, and perhaps also for this they are easily pierced), and if on one side the little long handlebars dampen the tones, on a pavé it is not that you move comfortably. Not to mention the dirt road, on which it slides easily. And it does not matter to go into a cross-country track to put it in a bit of a crisis: often even in urban parks the pavement is not impeccable, and moderating speed is a must. Well, it is a scooter, not a BMX.

What is most lacking in this Mi Electric Scooter Pro, however, is a real turning point compared to the previous model. The extra autonomy is undoubtedly welcome and the driveability remains excellent, but there are also some smudges / shortcomings here and there, which slightly undermine the user experience, above all because now the alternatives are not lacking, and are even cheaper sometimes. In any case, its general quality remains above average, with peaks of excellence in the braking system, handling and autonomy.

The price of Mi Electric Scooter Pro is not one we are used too with Xiaomi products, which means it is not shabby. Above all considering that a couple of years have passed compared since the previous model M365, and now the competition is much more fierce.

You will certainly have fun with this scooter, moreover it is definitely an ecological way to move in cities that are now increasingly congested and polluted. Maybe you can wait for some offers.

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